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Colour Coatings Limited specialises in powder coating solutions, we strive to provide our customers with high quality finishes within the very quickest of lead times.
We offer state of the art electrostatic powder coating facilities and can cope with items of virtually any size or weight.
Our tunnel curing oven is seventeen meters long, with an overhead conveyor capable of turning items of up to 6500mm in length. For any items too large or heavy for our online system we have an extremely large box curing oven with inside dimensions of 5000mm long x 2500mm wide x 2500mm high. Click here to see our full plant list.


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No matter what your product is, Colour Coatings Limited can provide the perfect powder coating solution. A comprehensive variety of powder types are available to suit your needs depending on your product, its material and its final installation/usage environment. We can use Epoxy, Nylon, Polyester and Thermoplastic powders types.



Powder Type
  Properties Application Uses
» Epoxy

Anti-corrosive and superior durability.

Office and domestic furniture
Industrial machines
Industrial racking
Electrical components

» Polyester Excellent anti-corrosive and gloss retention properties. Outdoor/street furniture
Architectural aluminium
Galvanised items (fencing, gates etc)
Handrails & balustrades etc
Vehicle components
Medical Equipment
» Nylon Excellent chemical & corrosion resistance, extremely durable, abrasion & impact resistant. Handrails (‘warm to touch’)
Grab rails (buses, trams, trains) Industrial machines

 » Thermoplastic Long life, anti-corrosive, chemical resistant, graffiti resistant, warm to touch, low electrical conductivity. Street furniture / Lampposts
Handrails (‘warm to touch’)


We stock over 200 RAL and BS colours giving our customers the best possible choice. A colour matching service is also available for unique and non-standard colours.  No matter what type of metal requires powder coating, Colour Coatings Limited offers an extensive range of pre-treatment options, including:



» Paint stripping
» Shot blasting
» Aqua/Vapour blasting 
» Vapour degreasing
» Chromate conversion
» Chromate free primer application
» Zinc primer application 
» T-Washing 

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